Lumos Energy Strips

Instant Energy

Instant Energy

Coming in pocket sized packs of 12 strips, Lumos goes where you go. These thin strips dissolve on your tongue, and immediately deliver 30 mg of caffeine and fresh mint flavour.

Traditional caffeine consumption, such as drinking a coffee, is slow and can take 90 minutes to take effect. Energy strips take advantage of absorption through the mouth to deliver an instant and efficient caffeine hit.

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  • Natural

    Instead of synthetic caffeine powder, organic green coffee bean extract is used to power Lumos.

  • Healthy

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  • Powerful

    Each strip contains caffeine equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee, at a kick of 30 mg per strip.

  • Effective

    Fast acting is our middle name. Thanks to the novel absorption, Lumos caffeine takes effect faster than anything short of an IV drip.

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Are there any calories?

No, and that's the best part - our formulation contains zero sugar and zero calories, making it the healthiest option for your daily energy boost

Is there an expiry date?

Lumos Energy Strips are best consumed within 12 months of purchase.

How do I consume Lumos?

Simply remove the cassette from the foil pouch, remove a Lumos Energy Strip, and place it on your tongue. Within 15 seconds, it will dissolve, delivering 40 mg of caffeine and freshening your breath at the same time!

How long does it take to feel the effects?

Short answer - 10 minutes. Long answer - Lumos Energy Strips take advantage of absorption through the inside of your cheek and under your tongue. This allows the caffeine to enter your bloodstream directly, rather than travelling through your digestive system first. Studies have long shown that sublingual and buccal absorption (Lumos Energy Strips) is much faster than oral (coffee, energy drinks, caffeine pills, etc.).

Why do you use plant extracts to provide caffeine?

At Lumos, we believe in providing healthier ways for the world to get energized. We could have used pure caffeine powder produced in a lab - but who wants to more chemicals in their diet? Instead, Lumos contains an organic green coffee bean extract. This way, you get all the energy benefits AND you get potent antioxidants found in coffee beans.

How many should I take?

Start with 1, especially if you are a light caffeine consumer. If you don't feel anything within 15 minutes, try another.

Health Canada recommends that your daily caffeine consumption should be under 400 mg. We recommend that too, so don't exceed 10 strips per day. Children, pregnant women, and individuals sensitive to caffeine should avoid Lumos Energy Strips entirely. Safety first!