7 Holiday Songs That Would be Insanely Better If They Were About Lumos

Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite holiday songs would sound like if they were on Lumos? Yeah we do too. Here are 7 Holiday songs that would be insanely better if they were about Lumos Energy Strips

  • Rudolph the High Energy Reindeer
    • Can you Imagine how much faster Santa would be able to deliver Christmas gifts to all the kids around the world if Rudolph took a Lumos Energy Strip? We can, and it would fast track all the holiday joy for the world.
  • Last Lumos
    • Last Christmas you didn’t have Lumos to give to your loved one, so you gave them your heart. If that didn’t work out for you this year, give yourself some Lumos and gear up to see if you can meet that someone special.
  • Here Comes Lumos Claus
    • Sometimes the holiday season is the perfect time for a change. The old pace of Mr. Claus is a bit to slow for our fast paced world, now imagine how fast Santa would come down the lane if he had his Lumos strips with him!
  • Rockin’ Around the Lumos Tree
    • Keep the holiday party rockin’ when you light up your Christmas tree with Lumos. The dancing may never end, but with this much energy, why would you ever want it to?
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Lumos
    • Seriously, have yourself the most Merry Lumos strip to help you enjoy every moment alongside your faithful friends with the energy you had 5 years ago.
  • The Most Lumos-ful Time of Year
    • Some say wonderful, but we say Lumos-ful. How do you fuel all the good cheer? There’s not nearly enough time each day to take care of all your holiday plans, but with Lumos Strips, you can tick of boxes on your never ending list with ease!
  • 12 Days of Lumos
    • Your head may still be spinning to take care of all the requests from your loved ones, just know you can rest easy at the end of the day because Lumos has your back for each and every day of the holiday season.

Lumos Christmas CD next year? Not a bad idea. Until then purchase a pack of Lumos right from our online shop

If you're feeling extra festive you can also listen to the Lumos Spotify Christmas playlist below.




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