10 Things You Could Buy With the $20 You Saved By Buying Lumos



Okay so we all know how expensive a coffee can get. The average cup of coffee runs $2.38 and then average coffee consumer drinks about 3.2 cups a day! Even if we round that down to 3 cup a day, that’s over $7 a day on coffee and over $35 during the work week alone.

A lumos pack runs you $4 and is the equivalent of 6 coffee cups (each strip is about 1/2 cup of coffee). You’d be able to buy 3 packs of Lumos a week and still have over $20 to spare; and we know just what to spend it on.

  1. This Pokeball Cupcake Pan. Who doesn’t need this in their kitchen?
  2. These Light Up Star Wars Chopsticks (you can even give one to a friend and battle until the food is ready).
  3. 1500 Ladybugs. We’re not sure what you’d do with these but they are under $20. You could free them?
  4. This button that yells out “No”. Perfect for that annoying co-worker.
  5. Be a little selfless and get something for you cat. Like this cat face massager.
  6. This pillow of a cute cartoon cat eating ice cream.
  7. This Star Trek Family Car Decal.
  8. This HeliCap (helicopter hat) which does absolutely nothing.
  9. This wine bottle glass attachment for #WineWednesdays.
  10. Another 4 packs of Lumos (this is very important).


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