5 Sweet Spots in Paris

If you ever find yourself roaming the streets in Paris  (like we are right now), without a care in the world and your Lumos  in your pocket, make sure you visit these 5 sweet spots!


Musée d’Orsay
You’ve heard about the Louvre and seen it in practically every magazine, bur we thing it's time to do something a bit different, that is just as magnificent! This museum is located on the left bank of the Seine in a former railway station. There is certainly no shortage of incredible paintings and statues by some of the world’s most famous artists - such as Picasso. Enjoy each moment with the energy of Lumos’ in the palm of your hand! Still checkout the Louvre thought, just make sure you come here too. 

Jardin des Plantes
Any garden in Paris will blow your mind. Every row of trees and bushes are kept neatly all throughout the year. This garden has various museums including the Museum National D’historie Naturelle, located throughout its 28 hectares. You can spend a day here just wandering the grounds, stopping in the museums, or even visiting the zoo! 

Eiffel Tower & Palais de Chaillot
The Eiffel tower is obvious - but have you thought about the view from the Palais de Chaillot at night? The Eiffel Tower lights up after dusk for 5 minutes at the beginning of each hour. If you stand in the middle of the Palais de Chaillot, the view is incredible! Meet up with your friends here to start off a night of adventuring, pop a lumos and explore the city!

Arc du Triomphe
Did you know that you can actually walk up the Arc de Triomphe? And if you’re under 26, you get in for free (SCORE). For this sweet spot you'll definitely need your Lumos - it's 280 steps! Once completed you'll be witness to the most astounding view of Paris. Oh and you'll have to prepare yourself for the walk down, too!

Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore
If you have the pleasure of spending a rainy day in Paris - visit the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore. Browse through their excellent selection of classic novels, poetry or even their cookbooks. If you aren’t in the shopping mood, head upstairs and hang out in the reading nook until the rain subsides.

These are just a few of the sweet spots to hangout in Paris. Time to be spontaneous and give all of these locations a visit. If you're travelling, hit us upon Instagram @lumosenergystrips and show us how you travel with your Lumos. 


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