5 Times You Couldn't Drink A Coffee (But Could Take A Lumos Energy Strip)

Sometimes you need an energy boost, but carrying a cup of scalding hot coffee is inconvenient. Now you’re wondering “When has it ever been inconvenient to drink a coffee?” Solid question. 

That time you went rock climbing.
You’re 60 feet in the air. You take out your thermos to get the jolt of energy you need to get to the top. As the scalding hot liquid touches your mouth you’re taken back, your thermos slips, you drop it, it falls onto your climbing buddy John. Why would you do that to John? Take Lumos instead, and drop one to John on purpose to give you both the energy you need to reach the top.

When you're trying to catch the bus.
You’re late. You needed a coffee because it’s an important day and you spent all night binge-watching the entire season of Black Mirror. The bus drives past your stop as you exit Starbucks. The next stop is a block away but there’s traffic. You can make it. You have to make it. You’re weaving between pedestrians while the coffee is slowly dripping from that awful lid onto your hand. The bus stops and it’s the home stretch. You miss the edge of the curb and wreck yourself, spilling your coffee everywhere while the whole bus laughs and pulls out their phones to document what a disaster you are. You’re now a meme. The hashtag #ShouldHaveTakenLumos is trending worldwide.

When you took a weekend boat trip.
That coffee in your hands is the only thing keeping you afloat on this early morning sailing adventure. Your uncle (who also grills a mean steak) is commanding the vessel. “WATCH THE BOOM” he says, as the giant boom sail comes swinging towards you and your coffee cup occupied hands. You’re knocked overboard, as is your precious coffee. The fish now have a taste for coffee but it’s too hard for them to drink it because they live underwater and coffee doesn’t work that way.

When you were nowhere near a coffee shop.
There’s a seemingly endless amount of steps in front of you. The hot sun is beating you down. You need an energy boost to climb those steps, but the nearest coffee shop is a bus ride away. Even if you could get a coffee, the thought of drinking a hot coffee in this heat is not a nice one. Take a Lumos strip. Climb those steps. Pretend you’re Rocky Balboa.

While working out.
Britney Spears is pushing you forward. Your workout is flowing and you’re feeling good. You’re becoming a better you. You get caught up in your run and need a bit of an energy boost, but stopping for a coffee is going to ruin the positive vibes you had going. Take a Lumos strip, get the energy you need, and finish your killer workout.

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