Best Toronto Valentine's Day Date Ideas


Are you sick of taking your favourite human on dates that they’ll probably forget about next week? Or tired of the typical heart-shaped chocolate box (a box of Lumos is cool though) and flowers? Spice up your love life, and take a walk on the wild side! Pack your Lumos and try one of these lively dates this Valentine's day!

  1. Go Skydiving Indoors
  • Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to fly? Why don’t you try it with your date? Check out iFly Toronto this Valentine's Day! 
  1. Go Axe Throwing at  Batl
  • Now, this may be the perfect thing to do this Tuesday! It’s the middle of the week - maybe not the best night for an evening out in town, but none the less - have some fun throwing axes! 
  1. Go Cross country skiing on Toronto Island
  • Are you both into the snow? You don’t have to go outside of the city to enjoy the outdoors. Have your Lumos strip, put your mitts on and get skiing! Pick up some hot chocolate afterward and get cozy!!
  1. Visit Tiffany Falls & Climb it!
  • If you guys are climbers - Head out to Tiffany Falls and you can climb the falls as long as they’re frozen! Get ready for an action-packed date- Lumos required!
  1. CN Tower Edgewalk
  • Now, if you aren’t into dates that are physical, try this! It’ll give you a thrill and a view that you’ll never forget.  If you’ve got the nerves, Lumos has your back. Give your date a strip and have one yourself to embrace the insane view!

Make 2017 the year of firsts that you’ll be gushing about for the rest of your days, taking your S.O on an adventurous date this Valentine's day is sure to warm their heart and you’ll live happily ever after…. right?!


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