How To Be (More) Efficient


We all know it’s difficult to get back into the groove of our regular routine after a weekend, let alone after reading week. That's why we've prepared this blog to help you be more efficient and get back into the swing of things. 

Organize Yourself

  • Try to give your work day some flow.  Start by organizing your desk, your meetings and maybe even skip your coffee break.  Have your lumos energy strip to keep yourself on track to meet your goals instead.

Communicate Effectively

  • Make sure you stick to your word! Build a strong rapport with your colleagues and learn how to best work with your team. This will ensure your work day will flow so much smoother as your team will work as a cohesive unit!

Have a Healthy Breakfast

  • EAT! When isn’t a balanced breakfast a good idea? Make sure you start your day off with enough nutrients to keep you alert until your lunch break. Skipping breakfast is a surefire way to make the hours creep on by.

Learn your Computer Short Cuts

  • Keep your keyboard shortcuts close at hand! You’ll find the important pieces in that document your co-worker sent to you 10 times faster with your shortcuts.

Avoid Negative Nancies    

  • When you’re getting up to stretch your legs or grab a coffee, keep your eyes on the prize of a quick work day and avoid the latest work drama or politics! Better yet, skip going to the office kitchen to get your coffee and just have a Lumos strip!

Give yourself the chance to really make a difference in your personal and professional life by freeing up previously wasted time at work! Keep your pack of Lumos Energy Strips close by to ensure you lighten up your workload. 


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