Save Your Vacation - With Lumos Energy Strips


Let’s set the scene, you’re at the airport dreaming of your new trip to Paris that you’ve been planning for the last 3 years - but first, you have to make it through the flight.

You board the plane, and the next 8 hours creep by slowly. Aside from a massive amount of jet lag, the lady next to you kept snoring and sleeping on your shoulder - you didn’t sleep a wink. Now it’s 7:50 in the morning, and it’s supposed to be the first day of your vacation. You won’t be able to get a coffee or tea for what feels like an eternity. You search your bag for your passport and you remember the Lumos Energy Strips you packed. Looks like your trip is off to a good start.

After you’re all settled in, you decide to go for a walk to get to know this unfamiliar city. You were hoping for a cup of coffee to warm you up but then realize Tim Horton’s doesn’t exist in France. You also can’t speak a word of French and the thought of you fumbling your words as you try and ask for a coffee is embarrassing. You decide no coffee for now and keep wandering. You sit on a bench and the exhaustion hits - you sit there shaking your head thinking “I should have gotten a coffee when I had the chance.” Although there is still hope, while searching for your map you find your Lumos Energy Strips. Everything is going to be just fine.

It’s Day 3: keeping up with the hectic pace feels near impossible and maybe just a little insane. Your pack of Lumos Energy Stips make it possible to accommodate all your plans and you’re able to cross almost everything off the list you made. You realize this is thanks to your pack of Lumos, and then vow to never leave your house without a pack again.

Today you made some good decisions.


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