Surviving the Holidays with a Little Help From Lumos

The holidays can be super stressful. You have to see your family and do that thing where you have to try and explain what field you’re in school for. You have to socialize and stop binge watching your favourite show. There’s also a ton of running around to do – from Christmas shopping to holiday parties to family outings. Stop dreading the holidays and perk yourself up with Lumos Energy Strips. Here’s how.

During last minute shopping

The stuff you want is out of stock, and now you have to go across town to another location. Luckily you’ve got your Lumos with you, so now you’ve got a bit of a boost and that brisk walk feels good. Unfortunately, the line is long, but fortunately you’re in a good mood reading articles on your phone that seem more interesting than usual. Thank you Lumos.


Surviving family outings

Since you came home for the holidays and caught up with all your old friends last night, this morning you’re feeling… slow. But your family has decided to go to a winter carnival and attendance is mandatory. You’re tasked with watching over the younger family members as they run around frantically, throwing snowballs and pushing each other on ice patches. To make them sit still, you decide to take them on a sleigh ride. When you’re on the sleigh ride, the santa at the reigns falls asleep, because he doesn’t have any Lumos. You kindly wake him up and give him a Lumos Strip and everything is good and safe and you’re low-key a hero. Good job.


Christmas day food coma

When you’re melting into the couch after eating a giant dinner, the thought of getting up and being active or having to speak is a gruesome one. Why can’t the world slow down for a while, and let you set the pace? You can feel your phone ringing in the ocean that is your sweatpants. It’s some of your old friends wanting you to come be a human and not a couch, but being a couch is really doing it for you right now so their offer isn’t very appealing. You realize you see them once, maybe twice a year, so you use all your strength to reach for your Lumos Energy Strips. You pop one of those bad boys in your mouth and off you go, doing the human thing and fulfilling social obligations.

So now you’re equipped with a secret weapon to survive the holiday season. Except you shouldn’t keep Lumos a secret, because everybody can benefit from a little boost during the holidays. Don’t let your family, friends, and yourself down, take some Lumos Energy Strips home with you this holiday season.


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