Where to Store Your Lumos

Coffee is cool, but carrying coffee sucks. It’s awkward and tedious and nobody likes doing it just to get a little pick me up. You only have one hand available to text and if you need to open a door you risk spilling your coffee and ruining that new overpriced shirt you just bought. Luckily we live in a beautiful world where we no longer have to deal with such a trivial ritual. Lumos Energy Strips can go where no coffee has gone before - literally. Our Lumos packaging is so tiny it can conveniently fit just about anywhere.

Lumos in your bag
You can’t put your morning coffee in your bag, and if you did it would spill all over your laptop and ruin all those important files you didn’t backup even though you know you should have?

Lumos in your pocket
You know that little pocket in your jeans that is apparently for loose change and pocket watches, but it’s not the 1800s anymore and the penny doesn’t exist anymore, so like what gives? It’s actually a pocket designed for Lumos. You can try to use it as a coffee cup holder but we’re pretty convinced that won’t really work out.

At Work
It’s important to be a team player at work. When you’re in a meeting and you’re the only one with a coffee and you know everybody wants some, it’s a hassle to measure out equal portions for all your coworkers. Laura is also lactose intolerant so now you’ve excluded her and she resents you. Don’t exclude Laura, and make it easier to spread the morning boost with a fresh pack of Lumos Energy Strips. (Basically keep a pack in your desk).

Ready to explore new caffeinated frontiers? Skip the coffee, take a Lumos.


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